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Legends and Myths. Trivia and Classifieds. Dig up the archives! Run search engines!! Scratch your brains!!! Press the panic button!!!! In other words, get set for a nerve-wracking ride at IT-TUDE 2008.

IT-TUDE is a technical fest conducted annually by the Dept of Information Technology, CUSAT. the quiz competition conducted as part of it will be on 8th march 2008.
the quiz is going to be conducted by prizes worth Rs 8k will be given will be an open quiz. Expecting participation from all over kerala and even outside.


1. There will be a written elimination round which consists of 25 questions.
2. Top 6 teams will be selected to the finals and 2 of them with the lowest scores will be eliminated after the 2nd round.
3. The quiz will consist of 4 rounds (3 dry + 1 theme) which will be held back to back.
4. The quiz master is always right.
5. If the quiz master is wrong, rule 4 applies.

for more details, contact Nikhil George - 0484 2534006

1. Harry "Bunny" Manders is the sidekick of which character created in the 1890s by E. W. Hornung, a brother-in-law to Arthur Conan Doyle?

2. On December 18th 2003, when Larry Ellison got married to Melanie Craft, his friend was the official wedding photographer. Name the official Wedding Photographer.

3. The huge success of the film made a popular icon of its signature logo, a black-and-white image of a highway receding towards a glowing horizon at night. In 1978, an enterprising group of students from the College of Architecture at Ball State University in Muncie,Indiana, manufactured and sold a small production run of black T-shirts emulating the logo and typeface of the original, but reading "MUNCIE INDIANA: A Gross Encounter of the Worst Kind." Sales were going well until stories about the shirts appeared in local media, prompting complaints from Columbia Pictures, which was offended about the logo, and the Muncie City Council, which was offended about the slogan. Which film?

Scroll down for answers

1. A J Raffles


3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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TATA CRUCIBLE QUIZ, kochi edition

thanxx to ganesh raam of the team that came runners up for sending me the questions.

1. A leyland belongs to which group- Hinduja

2. Which ADAG venture is also into discount broking -R Money

3. What does the MH in LVMH stand for? - Moet henessy

4. Which company's name when translated reads' a service used by
hotels '- Sodexho

5.Sierra entmnt is owned by - Vivendi ( Choices Available)

6. Leader to Leader foundation started by - drucker (Choices )

7.NGO started by Ripen Kapoor- CRY

8.BILT makes what - paper

9. A print ad - real munnar Vs Malappuram united - Malayala Manorama

10. UB launched GoanSun . what is it? - Goan Feni

11. First company to put nutritional info on its products- Kellogs

12. Aao sochein bada is tagline of - IDBI

13. New version of the pajero? - Montero

14. Paul wolfowitz visual

15. producer of Jhoom BJ - Yashraj Films

16. Which magazine calls itself the worlds most circulated. Can be
brought only on annual subscription basis- RD

17.Thunderbird Mobikes are from - Royal Enfield

18. Bottled for business-cobra beer author- Karan Bilimoria

19 Ad - Monte Carlo (the one with the glenn mendeiros soundtrack)

20 Ad- Archies (boyfriend is the drummer punch line)

Cutoff hovered around 13-14

Some Q's from the wildcard ( this is easy - All on buzzer)

Behind the Arches is bout which company- Mcdonalds

ALFA expansion in italian was given - Alfa romeo

Disiro, ICE , Gigaset are from -Siemens

Leap Ahead- Intel

Band Aid trivia ( usual q- inspiration from wifes cuts)

Which Tata tea brand shares its name with a sun sign - gemini

'Menswear Pvt ' is now knwn as - Pantaloons

Sub-club loyalty program is from -Subway

Elephants cant dance book -Louis gerstner

Fine,flexible optic cable - Finolex

From Finals


Euro currency trivia

Emerald mountain blend. mocha Kilimanjaro are from - georgia coffee

Maubli hotel was the first purchase by - hilton

Nation banks on us -SBI

penta star logo - chrysler

potatochips division of pepsi -Fritolay

Manchester city- Thomascook

Tata world

Coffee denoting time to drink it - 8'o clock

Store having a family of three logo- is a place of fun .games
books..etcetera -landmark

Tata steel trivia

tata chemicals trivia - Mitapur is the key word

Selection round

person was kenneth blanchard - visuals of One min manager,
hyperthyroididsm were shown

tech - what is daughter board- Anythin added extra to motherboard

convenience store which renamed itself from 'U-tote'm in 1946 caus
they wanted to change their store timings- 7-11

Toonz Animation Logo

Klaxon is a trademark for which electromechanical device - Car Horn


1. Akio morita- NYse- a medal - a track in the bg - Sony ( first
foreign firm to be in nyse, medal was the honour of british empire,
pope's voice was copyrighted by sony)

Am not sure if i've worded it rite

2. Time Magazine trivia - Visual of a mirror (2006- YOU), britton n
henry n another had parveen bhabhi-first indian on timemag

3. ISKON trivia - Govinda restaurants ,APJ n abhishek are patrons

4. Tata Sky Trivia- STar logo-temasek which has stake - the
subscription print ad- Amul voice of India

Nano words

Pc's unlimtd -dell

Hsbc trivia - mercantile bank of shanghai, dubai..etc

CNX - crisil

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These are the pelims questions for the SciTech quiz conducted during Quark-08, the annul Techfest of BITS-Goa..

1) What has six flavours:up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom?

*2) What was preserved by Thomas Stolz Harvey until 1978, when it was discovered being stored in a mason jar within a cider box for over 20 years?

3) Which institute, started in 1891 got its current name in 1921, manages NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is the data analysis and community support centre for NASA’s Howitzer telescope and is home to luminaries like Linus Pauling, Richard Feynman and Robert Millikan?

4) Name the only two nations, one of whom is our neighbour, not to have adopted the metric system as of today?

5) Cartoon with sting ray

6) Which is the largest animal in the animal kingdom that does not possess a backbone?

7) What was established by the science magazine ______________ (A.I.R) in 1991 to “celebrate the unusual, honour the imaginative – and spur people’s interests in science, medicine and technology” ?

8) Name the rocket scientist who developed the infamous V-2 rocket, was captured by the U.S from the German missile research facility in Peenemunde and went on to become the chief designer of the Saturn rocket (which put man on the moon)?

*9)What comes next in this list?
1)IBM BlueGene/L – 478 teraflops
2)IBM BlueGene/P – 167 teraflops
3)SGI Altix ICE 8200 – 126.9 teraflops
4)________________ - 117.9 teraflops

10) Who wrote ‘De Humani Corpori Fabrica’, which was one of the first treatises on the anatomy of the human body?

11) "We guarantee certainty, clearly referring to this light mnemonic"
helps you remember what?

12) Also known as horripilation, piloerection, or the pilomotor reflex, The medical term for this condition is Cutis Anserina. What's more, this reflex is known to serve no real purpose in humans. What am I talking about?

*13) A rare new mineral was recently discovered in Serbia, having the following composition-Sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide. Funnily enough, scientists were shocked to discover this formula had been come across previously, in the world of movies. By what name is it known?
14) Which molecule was discovered by Christian Friedrich Schonbein in 1840, who named it after the Greek word for “odour”, from the peculiar smell it gave out in lightning storms?

15) "Ut tensio, sic vis" is the original statement of which scientific law?

16) Pic 1

*17) Humphrey Davy, the famous scientist, once stated that "its properties bestowed all of the benefits of alcohol but was devoid of its flaws." What was he referring to?

18) What originated when Scott E. Fahlman, a research scholar at the Carnegie Mellon University, suggested that it be used on the subject line of all bulletin board postings that were non serious in nature?

19) He is known to have invented the lightning rod, the glass harmonica, bifocal glasses, and the flexible urinary catheter. He was also the first person to label charge as positive and negative. The CGS unit of electrical charge is named after him. Who am I talking about?

20) On Jan 23rd 1960, Don Walsh and Auguste Piccard became the first men to reach which of the last major unexplored frontiers of the Earth?

21)This word was coined by William Stern in 1912 based on what was first made by Alfred Binet to identify those who needed extra help in school. Louis Terman adopted it and renamed it as the “Standford - Binet” method for measuring what?

22)Pic 2

*23)Pic 3

24) If the Litmus test is used to measure the acidic or basic strength, what is the Titmus test used for?

25) Pic 4

Prelims Qns for Abdul Wahab - Bijuraj memorial Quiz

Hi All,
Pls find the Prelims Questions for the Inter-Collegiate Quiz. Quiz was won by Manu's team from Tvm Medical college, CET teams won the rest of the laurels.

1) The Hunting of the Snark & Jabberwocky - Poems, Sylvie and Bruno - 1st part of his last Novel. Who am I talking about? Clue - Cricket.

2) Which European City has a museum by the name "House of Terror"? Clue - Andrassy Avenue is a World Heritage site there...

3) I.DE.A Institute S.p.A.
Strada del Portone, 61
10137 Torino - Italy
Tel. + 39 011 6616.312
Fax +39 011 6616.300
Give me the most recent name.....

4) Whose Autobiography released in 1995 was titled "Songs My Mother Taught Me"? Clue - Stella Adler, He died in 2004.

5) Who wrote Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile ?

6) He is currently a legal resident of Dubai. Among other things he is the Chairman of Afras ventures a Dubai based company that seeks to promote foreign investment in India specifically Kerala. His Short Story collections "The Five Dollar Smile and Other Stories" was published in 1990. Who am I talking about?

7) Which World Currency was used as Official currency by Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman & Trucial States (Now U.A.E) till 1966?

8) Which two countries are separated by the "Oder-Neisse line" Half points for each.

9) He was married to Claudia Villafane & has two daughters with her - Dalma Nerea (b. 1987) and Giannina Dinorah (b. 1989), also has a Son aged 21. He recently gifted an autographed T-Shirt as a token of love for the people of Iran, he wrote"Con todo mi cariño para el pueblo de Irán (With all my love for the people of Iran)." The shirt will be displayed in Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' museum. Who?

10) Which famous Hollywood Movie is based on an historically unconfirmed duel between Snipers Vasily Zaytsev of Soviet Union & Major Erwin Konig of Germany in the backdrop of the Battle of Stalingrad?

11) Which organization was founded by Roland Berrill, an Australian barrister, and Dr. Lancelot Ware, a British scientist and lawyer, in the United Kingdom in 1946? Clue - It means 'Table' in Latin.

12) Which Indian Airline is owned by Jehangir Wadia of the Wadia Group?

13) Which famous Musician is married to his Ex-manager Antonia Minnecola, an Italian American? Clue - Think Local.

14) Who heads the United Civil Front movement, part of the Other Russia coalition in opposition against President Vladimir Putin?

15) Lars Ahlfors of Finland and Jesse Douglas of U.S were the first recipients of which famous Prize in 1936? Clue - It was instituted by a Canadian and carries Prize money of roughly 15000 USD.

16) What is the English equivalent of the Spanish term 'Vaquero'?

17) What was invented by Harry Brearley on August 13, 1913 in Sheffield, England? Clue - It is 100% recyclable, Chromium is a constituent.

18) She was born in Hong Kong in 1984 to a British mother and father of Indian Kashmiri origin. She grew up in Hawaii and subsequently moved to London. She was offered her first role by Kaizad Gustad and has had moderate success in Bollywood, Who?

19) If you have Ophidiophobia what do you have a morbid fear of?

20) Which Oscar winning Hollywood movie inspired Priyadarshan's Thaalavattam?

21) Which Pan Slavist Organization assisted Gavrilo Princip to assassinate Arch Duke Franz Ferdinad?

22) Who played the role of Kato in the American T.V series The Green Hornet?

23) About whom did Churchill say "We have a very daring and skillful opponent against us, and, may I say across the havoc of war, a great general."?

24) Which city is served by the Narita international Airport?

25) Which Indian conglomerate founded in 1938 by two Danish men in Bombay is currently headed by A.M.Naik?

26) He is 35th in the list of '100 most Hated Britons' compiled from a poll by Channel 4. He is the only child of James & Lily and also a member of the Peverell Family. Who?

27) Which Law enforcement agency has the motto Mridhu bhave dhrida karma in Sanskrit which means "Soft in Temperament, Firm in Action" ? Not CBI...

28) who fought Muhammad Ali in "Thrilla in Manila" in 1975?

29) ____________ was born at the King George Hospital, Victoria Street, Lucknow, India in 1940 to parents Rodger Oscar, a steward, and Dorothy Marie (born Dazely) Webb. He was christened on 2 November 1940 at St Thomas' Church, Dehradun, India. Both parents were of mixed Indian Blood or Anglo Indian. A year later his family moved to Calcutta. In 1947, following Indian independence, the family moved to Britain.

30) _____________ is the primary Search methodology used by Google.

And now the answers..... The toppers scored 20 and the cut-off was 11.5...

1) Lewis Carrol
2) Budapest
3) Tata Nano
4) Marlon Brando
5) Ralph Nader
6) Shashi Tharoor
7) Gulf Rupee
8) Germany & Poland
9) Diego Maradona
10) Enemy at the Gates
12) Go Air
13) Zakir Hussain
14) Gerry Kasparov
15) Field's Medal
16) Cowboy
17) Stainless Steel
18) Katrina Kaif
19) Snakes
20) One who Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
21) Black Hand
22) Bruce Lee
23) Erwin Rommel
24) Tokyo
25) Laresen & Toubro - L&T
26) Harry Potter
27) Kerala Police
28) Joe Frazier
29) Cliff Richard
30) Page Rank

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EXCEL 2008

“Immaculate Misconception”:
Ravi Subramanian & Sumeet Shetty

1. “I want to have the keys of my house so that I can open closed doors”. What is the next famous line?

2. Who gave Kapil Dev the nickname “Haryana Hurricane”?

3. In relation to trading, a _____ _______ refers to the type that is mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgency, an invading army's war efforts, or supporting a warlord's activity. What?


“Other kids' games are all such a bore!
They've gotta have rules and they gotta keep score!
__________ is better by far!
It's never the same! It's always bizarre!
You don't need a team or a referee!
You know that it's great, 'cause it's named after me!”

5. She is without doubt, the least dressed woman in the industry. She was initially named after the late Clare Mendonca, but her name was later changed. In 2005, she celebrated her fiftieth year in the Indian film industry. Who?

6. Her real name is Nilanjana Sudeshna. A schoolteacher, who found her given name too long, used her nickname instead and it stuck. She wrote under that name; her first work has a character who was supposed to have a “good name” sent by his grandmother in India which gets lost in the mail. Which writer?

7. Multiple stories exist about its name. One story goes that it was named after Piet Retief and Gert Maritz, two famous Voortrekker leaders. The other is that it was named after Piet Retief alone, since his full name was Pieter Maurits Retief. However, the city is more famous for another incident. Name the place

8. Audio....don't remember what it was.

9. On returning to Pegasus on 18th March 2007, he headed straight for room 374. He took the lift and they ascended in silence. As the elevator stopped on the third floor, he stepped aside and uttered his last known words to the person in the lift: 'Ladies first.' Who?

10. Identify the lyricist....forgot this too.

11.It is presented by a Trust, founded by the Sahu Jain family, the publishers of The Times of India. It carries a check for Rs. 500,000, a citation plaque and a bronze replica of Vagdevi, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts. Its first recipient, in 1965, was the Malayalam writer G. Sankara Kurup. What?

12. Patients suffering from a rupture of the biceps tendon may develop a bulge in their arm. This is the retracted muscle bunched up in the arm, and is sometimes referred to as a “_______ Muscle” in medical circles because the muscle is more pronounced than normal. Fill in the blank.

13. Her career started on Doordarshan in 1994, but she faded away, before resurfacing in 2003. Since 2004, she has acted in many films including “Manmadhan”, “Shaadi Ka Laddoo”, “Bali”, “Naam Gum Jayega”, “Divorce”, “Meerabai Not Out”, and off late, “Dus Kahaniyaan”. We know her more for her appearance on television. Who?

14. Their ads carry the baseline 'Where it all comes together'. Their logo is a black tick-mark which also forms the first letter of their eight-letter name. The company makes its money by delivering something that they call Intelligent Infrastructure for use on the Web. Identify the company.

15. This work of literature written in AD 300 included a comprehensive account of Indian Painting as a fine-art. The author expounded the six Shadangas or principles of art. He is also supposed to have incorporated into his book earlier works like Chitra Lakshana , Shilpa Shastra and Shilpa Ratna. The book also contained descriptions of the various types of gardens in India. Name the book.

16. visual.....identify the mag. ans : sports illustrated.

17. The recently released Tamil film “Thangathamarai” was the last film of which famous actress?

18. At 8:45 am, on Monday, September 3, 2007, a single-engine Bellanca Super Decathlon airplane took off from a private airstrip known as Flying-M Ranch, near Smith Valley, Nevada, 30 miles south of Yerington, near Carson City and the California border. The airfield is owned by Barron Hilton and is the site of the biennial Barron Hilton Cup invitational soaring encampment. It was initially believed that pilot was searching for a suitable lake bed for a world land speed record attempt. who was the pilot?

19. He has presented the maximum number of union budgets in India (10) and is the only Indian to receive the highest civilian awards from both India and Pakistan - the Bharat Ratna and Nishaan-e-Pakistan. Who?

20. It was commissioned after Stanley Morison had written an article criticizing The Times for being badly printed and typographically behind the times. Supervised by Morison and drawn by Victor Lardent, an artist from the advertising department of The Times, Morison used an older version named Plantin as the basis for his design, but made revisions for legibility and economy of space. The Times debuted it in October 1932, and after one year the design was released for commercial sale. What was it called?

21. On January 31, 1948, all Indian newspapers carried the news of Mahatma Gandhi's death on the front page, except one. Which one and why?

22. The motto of which institution reads as “Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon”?

23. The tagline for the movie Gladiator was “A Hero will rise”. Which recently released movie has the tagline, “Heroes will rise”?

24. Who was the first Indian to perform at the Wembley Stadium in London?

25. It began in 1978 as the Utah/US Film Festival in an effort to attract more filmmakers to Utah. The actor who started the film festival named it after one of the most memorable movie characters that he played on screen. It is responsible for bringing wider attention to films such as Saw, The Blair Witch Project, Better Luck Tomorrow, Primer, Reservoir Dogs, El Mariachi, Clerks, Sex, lies, and videotape, and Napoleon Dynamite. Which film festival?

26. vis

27. vis

28. He is perhaps the only person who has won a Best Actor Oscar to have acted in a Bollywood masala movie. He played the role of Sir John Locksley, the world’s greatest jewel thief, who invites several rival thieves to his island estate. He explains that he is dying, and wants his greatest treasure, a ruby, to go to a worthy successor. Which actor?

29. audio

30. id the



1. He was born June 13 1928, an American mathematician who works in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations, serving as a Senior Research Mathematician at Princeton University. It was E.T. Bell's book, Men of Mathematics—in particular, the essay on Fermat— that first sparked his interest in mathematics. At the age of 12, he was carrying out scientific experiments in his room. It was quite apparent at a young age that he did not like working with other people, preferring to do things alone. He returned the social rejection of his classmates with practical jokes and intellectual superiority, believing their dances and sports to be a distraction from his experiments and studies.
John Nash

2. Born in Pietermaritzburg, X, a Bcom holder, joined Standards Bank as a business banker in 2004. X was chosen to go to the '92 Barcelona Olympics as part of the South African Hockey team. He was called for trials in the '96 Olympics, but was ruled out due to a hamstring injury. X has also played for the Irish cricket team, first-class cricket for Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, KwaZulu-Natal and Natal. X is a born-again christian. Who is X?

Jonty Rhodes

3. His middle name is Walker. He co-owned the Texas Rangers baseball team. He attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, where he played baseball, and was the head cheerleader at the all-boys school during his senior year. Following in his father's footsteps, he attended Yale University, where he received a Bachelor's degree in history in 1968. As a college senior, he became a member of the secretive Skull and Bones society. He became a senior partner or chief executive officer of several oil companies, such as Arbusto Energy, Spectrum , and, later, Harken Energy.

George Walker Bush

4. Born in Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy. Initially pursuing a career as a lawyer, by modeling she helped finance her tuition while at the University of Perugia. She speaks Italian, French, and English fluently, semi-fluent in Spanish and has acted in each of these languages, as well as Aramaic. In 2004, while pregnant with her daughter, she posed nude for the Italian Vanity Fair Magazine in protest against Italian laws that allow only married couples to use in-vitro fertilization and that prevent the use of donor sperm.

Monica Bellucci

5. His first name and middle name is Satyanarayan Gangaram. He was born in Titlagarh, Orissa, is an inventor, entrepreneur and policymaker. He is the Chairman and CEO of World-Tel Limited, an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) initiative. He is the founder and CEO of C-SAM, Inc, which has developed a suite of patented mobile transaction technology called OneWallet.

Sam Pitroda

6. Her last name means "daughter of ____________" (Sanskrit) and it is not the family name. Her first name is '____________' which is derived from Sanskrit word for raincloud, as it was raining when she was born. Biju Patnaik, an eminent Indian leader named her on the request of father. In 2004, she was ranked number 8 on Forbes Magazine's list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women.

Megawati Sukarnoputri

7. He was the 2003 recipient of The National Book Foundation's Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He has written under the pen names Richard Bachman and (once) John Swithen. One of his first ideas was of a young girl with psychic powers, but he grew discouraged and discarded it. His wife later rescued it from the trash and encouraged him to finish it. After completing the novel, he titled it Carrie and sent it to Doubleday. He received a $2,500 advance (not large for a novel, even at that time) but the paperback rights eventually earned $400,000. He played guitar for the rock band Rock Bottom Remainders, several of whose members are authors.

Stephen King

COMICS & “Graphic Novels”

1.If Peter Parker is to Spiderman and Clark Kent is to Superman, then Bruce Banner is to -

The Incredible Hulk

2. “Spaceman Spiff”, “Stupendous Man”, “Tracer Bullet”. Connect

Alter Egos of Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes)

3. What is the contribution of Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge to the world of comics?

They are the English translators of Asterix series.

4. He was raised by single father and fading boxer "Battling Jack" Murdock. He is unable to handle the bullying he received at school, and is branded with a sarcastic nickname which he assumes as his hero name. His mentor is a blind man named “Stick”. Who is he?


5. After his Aunt X is shot, Y searches for help in saving her life. Y meets the demon Mephisto, who offers to save her life if Y gives him his marriage. He and his wife Z agree, and this part of their history is erased from all memory so that they have never been married.

Aunt May, Spider-man, Mary Jane Watson

6. V T Thomas says he had named his characters after two children in the neighbourhood. “This took place after these two naughty children thwarted every attempt of mine to prevent them from jumping the fence around my house and walking through the kitchen, on their way to school.” What is the name of his creation?

Bobbanum Mollyum by Toms(V T Thomas)

7. Name the only fictional character to be selected by Time magazine as
one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. Name the
creator as well.
bart simpson.the creator is of course matt groening


1. The term _________ comes from the Greek for oikos (house) and nomos (custom or law), hence "rules of the house(hold)."


2. Perhaps the first, recorded use of the term '________' was in 1920, by Ethel Snowden, in the book Through Bolshevik Russia, but its metaphoric, non-Soviet use appeared in Scandinavian books as early as 1901, moreover, H. G. Wells used __________ in describing 'enforced privacy' in The Food of the Gods. German politician and Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels was the first to refer to an "_____________" coming down across Europe after World War II, in a manifesto he published in the German newspaper Das Reich in February 1945

Iron Curtain

3. The Arabic word _____ means "resurrection" as in the party’s founder Michel Aflaq’s published works "On The Way Of Resurrection". Their beliefs combine Arab Socialism, nationalism, and Pan-Arabism. The mostly secular ideology often contrasts with that of other Arab governments in the Middle East, which sometimes tend to have leanings towards Islamism and theocracy.

4. The term is believed to relate to former West Indian spin bowler Ellis "Puss" Achong. in the 1933 Old Trafford Test match, Achong, a left-arm orthodox spinner bowled an unexpected wrist-spin delivery turning from off to leg, and had the English batsman Walter Robins stumped by Ivan Barrow as a result. Legend has it that Robins, as he walked back to the pavilion, remarked "Fancy being done by a bloody _______________"

Chinaman, the bowler was of Chinese ancestry.

5. The word _____ is derived from the Ancient Greek meaning "a learning or knowing by inquiry, record, narrative." The Latin form means "narrative, account”.


6. The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge, originally made in Nimes, France, by the Andre family. Originally called serge de Nimes, the name was soon shortened to ________


7. The term derives from a militant Ismaili Muslim sect, active in the Middle East from the eighth to the fourteenth centuries. This mystic secret society killed members of the Abbasid and Seljuq élite for political and religious reasons.


School Quiz - Questions

General Knowledge

1) The headlines in England one day read,” The Gods are crying”. The next day in another part of the world the headline was “ They are just cleaning up the mess”. This was in reference to the incessant rain that day. What happened and where?
Ans: Hong Kong was handed over to China by England. Ist July, 1999

2) Born in Motihari in Bihar I celebrated my 100th birthday last year amid much fanfare. I am a noted author and one of my books include Coming Up for Air. (There are other more popular ones but I won’t give you those!). Who am I?
Ans: George Orwell

3) Hugo Weavings is the only actor to have acted in both the Matrix and LOTR trilogies. Great Achievement, anyway he played the role of Elron of Rivendall in The LOTR series. Whose role did he portray in the Matrix?
Ans: Agent Smith

4) The music band Deep Purple very recently came up with a song as a tribute to an Indian. Who was this internationally acclaimed Indian?
Ans: Kalpana Chawla. In the debris of the Challenger spacecraft, bits of Deep Purple’s CDs were found and Kalpana Chawla was a well known DP fan.

5) Arthur Morris very disappointedly remarked after a cricket match. “Yes I was there too. By the way I scored 194.” What event overshadowed his feat?
Ans: Don Bradman scored his famous last match duck!

Fast Bucks
1) This product was developed after the second world war. Actually someone came up with the bright idea of utilizing the unused tyres of the small airplanes. This by the way was shown on screen in the famous Gregory Peck movie, Roman Holiday. What product are we talking about?
Ans: Scooter

2) What term was coined by Don Hoeffler in 1971, writing in "Electronic News", describing the area around Sunnyvale and San Jose in California?
Ans-Silicon Valley

3) One of the first songs recorded by a now famous singer was the ad jingle, The Lifebuoy Soap jingle - Tandurusti Ki Raksha Karta Hai Lifebuoy, created by Lintas and directed by Stanley Pinto. Who was the singer?
Ans-Jagjit Singh

4) In which field of human enterprise was the 'marble' shaped invention of Hiram Codd, along with dozens of other contraptions, replaced by the 'crown' shaped invention of William Painter ?
Ans-The bottling of carbonated soft drinks

5) Which company's tag line is " Bullish on Life"?
Ans- DSP Merrill Lynch

Infinite Bounds
1)Last month Google put up their sale notice and they quoted a pecuiliar figure of $314285742.85. Why?
Ans: That is the no. we arrive at after taking pie to 12 places!!

2) Which extremely famous writer, when being asked to declare his assets, said, “I have nothing to declare except my genius.”?
Ans: Oscar Wilde

3) After the end of the Cremean War the metal from the Soviet Tanks were used for making a very particular item. What was it? (Hint: think of the armed forces)
Ans: Victoria Cross

4) In fiction, whose cigarettes were custom made Morlands, with three gold bands at the tip?(and has his martini shaken but not stirred)
Ans: The name’s bond. James Bond!!

5) A very famous personality, known for his versatility, has two Fonts named after him. They are “Ray Roman and Ray Bizarre”. In fact this person himself created the above two fonts. Name him.
Ans: Satyajit Ray

Music To The Ears
1) We’ve been singing that since time immemorial in the SPSv SVS matches. All you need to do is give me the name of the band or the singer.
Ans: The band is Queen and the lead singer is Fredie Mercury

2) Identify the group singing this famous song, Hotel California.
Ans: Eagles

3) Who are the two actors on whom this song was picturised.
Ans: PrabhuDeva & Nana Patekar.

4) That was absolutely moving. Who’s singing it?
Ans: Bhupen Hazarika

5) Sorry teachers we do most certainly need education unlike what the song would like us to believe. Could yopu tell me the group singing it?
Ans: Pink Floyd

Pure Entertainment
1) This musician’s powerful guitar-playing regularly broke strings on his guitar. He would change the strings onstage, as the audience slowly clapped their hands. Because of this he earned the named Slowhand. Who am I talking about?
Ans: Eric Clapton

2) Which comic strip hero was created inspired by a character in Philip Wylie's 1930 sci-fi book "Gladiators"?
Ans: Superman

3) Which instrument literally means " made of clay " and is made out of a scooped out single block of wood , usually a neem tree or coconut?
Ans: Mridangam

4) Which Hollywood actress has an exceptional high IQ of 154 and is also a member of the organization for people with high IQ called Mensa?
Ans: Sharon Stone

5)Who was the dress designer of the movie Lagaan. She is also an Oscar winning dress designer.
Ans: Bhanu Athaiya

Its time to Play

1)Which country won the 1928 Los Angeles Olympics Football Gold medal? (Hint: think about footballing history)
Ans: Uruguay

2)Which Indian Cricketer has the dubious distinction of being the captain in one match and the 12th man in the very next?(Hint he captained India at a World Cup)
Ans: S. Venkataraghavan

3)Who was the first person to score a golden goal in a World Cup match? (if required it was at the ’98 world cup in a match against Paraguay)
Ans: Laurent Blanc

4)Australian cricketer Belinda Clarke is currently the only cricketer in the world to achieve a landmark - which no cricketer (in either mens or womens cricket has yet achieved. What?
Ans: Score a double century in One day cricket

5) In which is the referee or the one who controls the game is called the President?
Ans: Fencing

Shoot Them Down

What was originally promoted as a medicine for patients suffering from Dyspepsia, an ailment affecting the digestive system?
Ans: Pepsi

British History
During World War II, this place in Britain was taken over as the headquarters of the Red Cross, the National Air Raid Precaution and Fire Service Departments. Where?

Which cosmetics brand gets its name from a latin word meaning "White as snow"?
Ans: Nivea

He invented soda water, and coined the name "rubber" because he found that it could erase pencil marks. He's best known for a "Life Producing" discovery. Name him, and his discovery.
Ans: Joseph Pristley

Shiv Ratan Agarwal, the MD of Shivdeep Industries started of by making a product for soldiers to carry with them for days together. This company now controls a 70% share in the Indian market. Name the company.
Ans: Haldiram&Bikaji Snacks

On Your Marks
Team 1

1)In which novel did Feluda meet Jatayu for the first time?
Ans: Sonar Kella

2)Britain fought against America in the Falkland War. True or False?
Ans: False

3)Who was the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean?
Ans: Charles Lindburg

4)Bishop Desmond Tutu hails from which country?
Ans: South Africa

Team 2

1)Whose directorial debut was Kal Ho Na Ho?
Ans: Nikhil Advani

2)In which game will you come across the term Birdie?
Ans: Golf

3)What was the name of Laxman’s wife? ( Laxman as in Ramayana)
Ans: Urmila

4)Where will you find the engraved faces of four American Presidents?
Ans: Mt. Rushmore

Team 3

1)What is the Japanese Parliament called?
Ans: Diet

2)Kibbutz are farms found in Canada or Israel?
Ans: Israel

3)Who has scored the last goal in the World Cup of Football till now?
Ans: Ronaldo
4)Which Tintin character owned a film company called Cosmos?
Ans: Rastapopulous

Team 4

1)What is the name of the cricket ground in London other than Lords?
Ans: The Oval

2)What is 7.5% of 400, 30 or 45?
Ans: 30

3)What colour was the first Ford motor car?
Ans: Black

4)Who was the last Sultan of Delhi?
Ans: Ibrahim Lodhi


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Cusat Open Quiz

The following are selected questions from the Quiz conducted at CUSAT by Anil Raghavan of Greycells.

1. A place called Basaar in Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh famous for its Saraswati temple was in the news recently which has a bearing on Cusat. What?
2. Her first brush with fame was in 1991, when she was chosen as the Supermodel of the year. As expected this lead to a spate of film offers from which she accepted only one, a special appearance in a Telugu movie called Mamaguru. Her mother has recently ordered male dresses worth lakhs from a Kolkata designer. Who?
3. Connect the following terms to an athletic event: The Western Roll, Scissors Cut, Fosbury Flop.
4. It is the only wildlife sanctuary in India, harboring the tiger, the snow leopard, the leopard, and the snow leopard, Name the sanctuary.
5. Eugene Cernan, in his memoirs, The Last Man On the ……., mentions that he is the holder of a dubious but breakable honor. Complete the title of the book.
6. Which city in India is named after a queen whose real name was Bhagmati?
7. Which international brand got its name from a character in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick
8. Brussels is to EU as ……… is to SAARC.
9. What nickname is used to refer to the basketball team of New Zealand?
10. Which company founded by brothers Henry and Helal Hassenfeld uses a stylized smile as their logo, indicating that their business is fun?
11. Who or what was the TIME Person of the Year for 2006?
12. In fiction, who was Lady Chatterley’s lover?
13. Who or what was the emblem on the flag of Arjuna in the Kurukshetra war?
14. “The bugger served so slow that I went off to sleep waiting for the ball to come.” John McEnroe said this about whom?
15. What is the unit of measurement of beauty?
16. Which person’s initials stands for Avul Pakeer Jainulebdeen?
17. Spaces probes Vega 1, Vega 2, Sakigate, Giotto were launched to study what?
18. Whose autobiography was “Ba Ba Blacksheep”?
19. The 39th, 65th, 68th and 70th elements are named after which town?
20. Called Divehi Rajje in local language, this nation’s people are mostly Singhalese and Tamilians, and the official religion is Sunni Muslim. Name the country.
21. Which Indian recently beat out among others, Hisham Matar, M J Hyland, Peter Carey, David Mitchall and Kate Grenville?
22. Out of Kerala’s Communist Ministry of 1957, only two are still alive. One is K R Gouri. Who is the other?
23. Kerala won the Santhosh trophy for the first time in 1973, beating Railways 3-2. The Kerala captain scored a hat-trick in the final. Name him.
24. Name the Malayali co-founder of Infosys, who has an MSc in Physics from the University of Kerala, and is currently Group Head (Worldwide Sales and Customer Delivery). 25. Poka Yoke is a safety measure which literally means avoiding errors. The concept was originated by Shigeo Shingo for a major Japanese firm. Name the firm.

1)The new IIT(Should have been at CUSAT)
2)aiswarya rai(clue was the dress order)
3)high jump
6)Hyderabad(she became hyderi begum to marry quli qutub sha)
10)hasbro(hassenfeld brothers)
12)Oliver mellors
14)ramesh krishnan
16)APJ abdul kalam
17)halleys comet
21)Kiran desai(others were shortlisted for bookerprize)

Greycells Open Quiz Prelims

Here is the prelims set from Greycells Open on April 7.
Quizmasters: Lloyd Colopilly and Rajesh Mohan. People who wish to have the answers may mail their attempts to

Greycells Open Quiz
Team Name:

Team No:

In case of a tie the performance in *ed questions will be taken into consideration.
Decision of the QM’s will be final

1)"I warn you, I am just beginning! If there is in your hearts a vestige of love for your country, love for humanity, love for justice, listen carefully... I know that the regime will try to suppress the truth by all possible means; I know that there will be a conspiracy to bury me in oblivion. But my voice will not be stifled – it will rise from my breast even when I feel most alone, and my heart will give it all the fire that callous cowards deny it... Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me". Who made this famous speech?

2) Which country has a new Capital called Naypyidaw? Clue - Think 1991 Nobel Peace Prize...

3) Complete the list - Malcolm Nash, Tilak Raj & ______________.

*4) Who won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi award in 2004 for the book Oru Achchante Ormakal (Memories of a father)?

5) What was special about the stamps- Sandalwood and Roses released by Indian Postal department recently?

6) Why are the companies Alstom & SNCF in the news recently?

7) This is an obituary that once appeared in Times of India:
What was it referring to?

8) Which famous Automobile manufacturer’s name means "I Roll" in Latin, a reference to Rolled Steel being used in the manufacture of their vehicles??

9) Minoru Yamasaki & Associates, Troy, Michigan; Emery Roth & Sons, Skilling, Helle, Christiansen, Robertson, Joseph R. Loring & Associates, New York, Jaros, Baum & Bolles, Tishman Realty & Construction Company , what was the end result?? Clue - Emergency...

10) Which country's national flag has a replica of George Cross, bravery award given by the King George VI of Britain to commemorate the nations struggle against enemy powers in WW2?

11) Name the Billionaire, Ex PM of Lebanon who was assassinated in 2005??

12) N. S. Raghavan, S. Gopalakrishnan, S. D. Shibulal, K. Dinesh ,Ashok Arora, _____________ & _____________. Fill u p the blanks, 1/2 points for each blank.

*13) During World War II, ___ __________ saw action in the Burma campaign on Sittang River as a Captain with the 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment and has the rare distinction of being honored for his bravery on the battlefront itself. During World War II, he was leading a counter-offensive against the invading Japanese Army in Burma. During the course of the offensive, he was hit by a burst of LMG bullets and was severely wounded in the stomach. Major General D.T. Cowan spotted ___ __________ holding on to life and was aware of his valor in face of stiff resistance from the Japanese. Fearing the worst, Major General Cowan quickly pinned his own Military Cross ribbon on to ___ __________ saying, "A dead person cannot be awarded a Military Cross." Fill up the Blank.

14) In 1909, he shared the Nobel Prize for Physics with Karl Ferdinand Braun, When told about one of his achievements, Nikola Tesla one of his rivals said that __________ was using 17 of his Patents, Two employees on Titanic were employed by his company and on 18 June 1912, he gave evidence to the Court of Inquiry into the loss of the Titanic..... Fill up the Blank....

15) The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Minneapolis Tribune, The Allentown Call-Chronicle, The Bethlehem Globe-Times, The Denver Post and The Seattle Times. October 2, 1950, to February 13, 2000 , Why are you breaking your head?? Give me the answer!!!!

16) He is The Maestro to his countrymen, a poll of sport journalists and commentators placed him as the second best Argentine sportsman of the 20th century behind Diego Maradona. In 1974, he was appointed President of Mercedes-Benz Argentina, and in 1987, he was made Honorary President for Life of that corporation. Cuban rebels kidnapped him on February 23, 1958, but he was later freed. Died in Buenos Aires in 1995, at the age of 84. Who?

17)On October 18, 1922, what was incorporated under the 1908 to 1917 Companies Acts with a share capital of £100,000., with 99,993 cumulative ordinary shares valued at £1 each. The holders of the Cumulative Ordinary Shares are entitled to receive out of the profits of the Company a fixed Cumulative Dividend at the rate of 7½% per annum on the capital for the time being paid up thereon but are not entitled to any further or other participation in profits. Quizzers can't miss this!!!!!!

18) Who stays at 'Number One Observatory Circle'? Clue -'Die Hard with a Vengeance'

19) "Arrive before you leave" was a punchline for what?? Clue - SST, Mike Bannister....

*20) _________ Yamaha Ltd, Islamabad Automotives Company Ltd, Balochistan Engineering Works Ltd, Alpha Engineering Works Ltd, Gears Hobbing Ltd, Die Casters Ltd,Omega Forging Ltd, Crescent Pak Industries, Taha Garments (Private) Ltd & Taha Textile (Private) Ltd. Kindly Fill up the Blank, Clue - S.Hussain Saidi

21) She was discovered by Dev Anand. She represented India at the International Teen Princess contest at Aruba, and won the Miss Photogenic and Miss Bikini awards. In 1980 Sunil Dutt launched his son Sanjay in his film debut "Rocky". ______ was chosen as Sanjay's heroine. After the film ________ and Sanjay became romantically linked to each other. She was also romantically linked with Rajesh Khanna. She is blessed with two sons Jai Anmol and Jai Anshul. Who?? She is also a Painter.

22) Rupin Katyal, Capt Devi Sharan, December 24, 1999, what am I talking about??

23) Famous author who wrote - The Power and the Glory (1940), The Heart of the Matter (1948), The Third Man (1949) & The End of the Affair (1951), He was recruited to MI6 by the infamous Double agent Kim Philby.

24) A software called CODA is available for about £ 30.00 from ASQM Consultancy Unit , Faculty of Computer Studies and Mathematics, University of the West of England. To caluculate what is it used for?

*25) Which world Capital was chosen as result of a compromise between two better known rivals after a long dispute, its a sitter.........

26) Which famous Architectural marvel sits on Île de la Cité a river island??

27) Arfé(a portmonteau word) is the creation of artworks by staining with ______.The term is believed to have been coined by Puerto Rican artist, Francisco Rivera Rosa, describing his paintings of using ______.Artists Mira Chudasama & Amita Chudasama, Andrew Saur and Angel Sarkela-Saur are known exponents of painting with ______. Fill in the blanks

28) T.N. Srikantaiah was born on November 26, 1906 in Karnataka .His family were the descendants of the Kings of Hagalavad. His most famous work was a book titled ‘Bharatiya Kavya Meemamse’ about Indian poetics. He was a member of Indian constitution council and when there was a discussion on the equivalent term for the _________ he suggested the word __________, which was the Sanskrit equivalent. The term was accepted unanimously and is still the term in use. Which term?

29) Which is the point from which all highway distances are measured in India, The __________ has a milestone at its entrance that reads "0 KM".

30) What was setup on the recommendation of the Birbal Nath Committee in 1985?? The date counts.....

31) Roy J. Glauber won the Noble Prize for Physics in 2005; a famous Physicist who did a seminal work on Quantum Optics with him was not awarded the Prize and it lead to a major controversy, who is the Physicist?

*32) Who is the fictional author of the book - The Dynamics of An Asteroid?

33) He won the Oscar for Best Director & Original Screen Play for the movie Annie Hall in 1977, Original Screen Play for the movie Hannah and Her Sisters in 1986, who is this highly acclaimed person??

34) Leslie Hylton played 6 Tests for the West Indies in the late 30's and scored 70 runs and took 16 wickets at 26.12, he holds a unique if grisly place in cricket history?? Why??

35) ________ Diego José Santiago Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispín Crispiniano de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Blasco y _________. Fill up the blank, Clue - Max Jacob.

36) What invention of everyday use is originally credited to Luther George Simjian Turkish immigrant of Armenian parents in US, and it was discontinued due to lack of demand, later John Shepherd-Barron & Donald Wetzel got the credit for the invention. Clue - Prostitutes and Gamblers were the one's who were using it when it was 1st introduced.

37) Why was Ere Sheshaiah in the news recently??

*38) Glenn Hoddle, Peter Reid, Kenny Sansom, Terry Butcher, Terry Fenwick & Pe_____ _____on, tell me what happened next??

39) Becker reportedly remarked about whom? That "even God could not have played any better" after being knocked out in the 1st round of the French Open in 1990. This player once said "The trouble with me is that every match I play against five opponents: umpire, crowd, ball boys, court, and myself."

40) ______________ joined Boeing as an Engineer in 1969, rose to the rank of Executive Vice President was behind the resurgence of Boeing in the late 90's and early 2000, joined Ford Motor Company as the President and CEO in September 2006,he reportedly earns a Salary of $20 Million per annum!!! Who?? Clue - He shares his name with an English Cricketer, who played for England, Hampshire & Leicestershire.

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1. Fidel Castro
2. Myanmar
3. dan van bungee- bowlers who conceded 6 sixes in an over.
4. Eachara Warrier
5. Stamps with fragrance of SandalWood and Rose
6. TGV.(fastest train)
7. The Imposition of emergency
8. Volvo
9. World Trade Center
10. Malta
11. Rafeeq Hariri
12. Narayana Murthy and Nandan Nilekani
13. Sam Manekshaw
14. Marconi
15. peanuts comic strip
16. Juan Manuel Fangio
17. BBC
18. US Vice President.(Dick Cheney is there now).
19. Concorde
20. All companies owned/co-owned by Dawood Ibrahim
21. Tina Ambani
22. Hijacking of IC-814
23. Graham Greene
24. Calulate scores using D-L method in a rain affected match.
25. Canberra
26. The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris
27. Coffee
28. Rashtrapathi
29. Rajghat
30. Special Protection Group
31. ECG Sudarshan
32. Professor moriarty
33. Woody Allen
34. Only test cricketer to be executed
35. Pablo Picasso
36. ATM
37. The doctor who performed the autopsy of Bob Wolmer.
38. Goal of the century by Maradona.
39. Goran Ivanesivic
40. Alan Mullaly

Greycells Open Quiz Prelims

The following questions are from the prelims of the "Federal Bank- Greycells Open Quiz" conducted at Govt. Medical College, Calicut on May 19, 2007.
Quiz Masters: Anil Raghavan and Dr. S. Nagesh

[1] Mayawati and BSP has come back to power in UP upsetting all predictions. BSP’s election posters this time surprisingly depicted a personality from Kerala. Who?

[2]For what is the Bathini Goud family well known? The pin code to their place starts with ‘5’.

[3]In the Muslim calendar which month follows Ramadan?

[4]You can find _______ discontinuity between the core and the mantle of the earth. Fill in.

[5] Just prior to the Mahabharata War, Arjuna had claimed that he could kill the entire opposition with one weapon that Lord Shiva bequeathed on him. Name the weapon.

[6] It is the Australian term for googly and takes its name from the person generally credited with invented this form of delivery. What?

[7] Who was the only courtier of Akbar to embrace the new religion ‘Din-i-illahi’?

[8] This term is said to derive from a ruling by English judge Francis Buller in 1782. He allowed men to beat their wives with a stick as long as the thickness of the stick was within the certain limit. This ruling gave rise to a certain term/usage. Which?

[9] Which element in 1937 became the first artificially produced element and took its name from the Greek word ‘artificial’?

[10] Which London based Indian mining magnet was selected to Time magazine’s “Most Influential 100 People” of the world recently.
Clue: He is the founder of Vedanta Resources

[11] How do we better know the “British Committee for relations with other countries” set up in 1934?

[12] Which famous novel begins “Last night I dreamt I went to Mandarlay again”?

[13]In fiction whose servant was lancelot Gobbo?

[14] What is the phenomenon by which the spectrum line is split up into several components by a magnetic field called?

[15] A racehorse celebrates its birthday on _______ in the Northern Hemisphere and ______ in the Southern Hemisphere.

[16] Which film had as its ad line “Garbo talks”?

[17] The Maratha king Serfogi encouraged practitioners of the art form which was characterized by low plaster relief and decorations using glass, pearl, precious stones etc. This art form is known by the name of his capital. Which?

[18] Francis Scott Key is famous for writing what?

[19] Which is the oldest bookstall in India, supposed to have started in 1844?

[20] An agent for Rock Bottom Insurance, he also presides over the vagabond car club. Who?

[21]Name the only astronaut to fly in Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programmes.

[22] The novel “Bhaskara Menon” written by Appan Thampuran has also a unique distinction in Malayalam literature. What?

[23] He was born as Leslie Andrews in 1916 and his voice was an exquisite blend of torment and anguish, tenderness and joy. He made his debut in playback singing in 1951. He died in 1977 under another name. Who?

[24] Where did Federal Bank start their first branch?

[25] He is one of the most prolific translators in Malayalm literature and authors like Yashpal, Kishan and Amrita Pritam became known to Keralaites through his efforts. He was a member of the Hindustan Republican Army and had acted as a courier to many revolutionaries and was close to Netaji. Name the person.


1. Sree Narayana Guru
2. Asthma fish treatment
3. Shawwal
4. Gutenburg
5. Paashupatha
6. Bossie, after B J T Bosanquet
7. Birbal
8. "rule of thumb"
9. Technetium
10. Anil Agarwal
11. British Council
12. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
13. Shylock in Merchant of Venice.
14. Zeeman effect
15. Jan 1 and August 1
16. Anna Christina
17. Tanjavur
18. Star spangled banner
19. Higgin Bothams
20. Jolyon wagg
21. Walter Schirra
22. First detective story in Malayalam
23. Kozhikode Abdul Khadar
24. Aluva
25. M N Sathyarthi

Greycells Open Quiz Prelims

1. To start with….Kerala has 21280, Maharashtra 50400,Tamilnadu 41184,West Bengal 44394……what are we talking about ?

2.The meaning expressed by this observation is that if two coins have the same face value but are made from metals of unequal value ,the cheaper will tend to drive the other out of circulation . The more valuable coin will be hoarded or used for foreign exchange instead of domestic transaction. Either name it or state the theory.**

3. He was born in Ambala, India in 1912. He worked as a correspondent for TheTimes of London, covering the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and filed a lot of pro-Fascist reports. Between 1944 and 1946, he served as head of anti-Communist counter espionage at MI6. By 1949, he was first secretary of the British Embassy in Washington. He resigned from the service in 1952. In1956, he returned to journalism, and became a foreign correspondent of The Observer and The Economist. In 1968, he published My Silent War, an accounto f his activities while in the employ of MI6. Who is he?

4. In 1952, he became the first boxer to win three consecutive golds at the Olympics. His career was cut shot when the communist Government denied him an exit visa to play the World Championship. Which legendary boxer?*

5.World organization of the scout movement has X as its logo. Robert Baden Powell, founder of the scouting movement explained that they adopted this symbol from its use in the compass rose , a tradition started by Flavio Gioja , because “it points in the right direction and upwards turning neither to right nor left , since these lead backward again”. To make it simpler, it has got a mention in the Hunchback of Notredam and in The three musketeers.*

6. How do better know T-800 and T-1000 manufactured by Cyberdyne Systems?

7.Who follows next.Paul Johann Ludwig Heyse(Ger),Count Maurice Polidore Maeterlinck(Belg), Gerhart Johann Robert Hauptmann(Ger),-------X--------

8.This term was originally used to describe the technique of engraving in relief on gemstones. It was first used in cinema by Mike Todd to describe about 44 roles in his 1956 film Around The World in Eighty Days. What term?

9. What is the bar at a golf club called?

10. What was name of the policies of peaceful co-existence first put forth by Premier Zhou Enlai of China at the start of negotiations that took between the Delegation of the Chinese Government and the Delegation of the Indian Government on the relations between the two countries with respect to Tibet ?

11.Which two US states were separated by the Mason-Dixon line?

12.’Who wrote 1984 ?’ is a fact well known to all.Then who wrote 1985 ?

13.Who was the first to be ranked No.1 in men’s ATP ranking ?

14.The winners for the prize Y, for the most humanlike conversation by a machine are judjed by the Turing test, devised by the British mathematician Alan Turing in 1950. The test assesses a computer’s ability to ”think” or to be Artificially intelligent.The competition will end when the gold medal ($100,000) is awarded to the creator of the machine that judges fail to distinguish from a real person. Don’t count on this happening any day soon: the last level of the Turing tast demands that the machine decipher and understand text; as well as visual and auditory input. Name the prize.**

15.A figure of speech in which a part is made to represent the whole or vice-versa as in ‘England defeated India by six wkts’ where Eng and Ind represents their respective cricket team and not the nation as a whole is known as-------.*

16.Among the lesser famous novels of this writer are "Valperga (1823)", a historical romance that according to critics, is her best literary work and "The Last Man", a piece of science fiction which was popular book for many years. Her middle name was Wollstonecraft. She was the second wife of a very famous Englishman who was still married to his first wife when he eloped with her. Who is the lady in question?

17.What is the title given to a student of the University of Cambridge who has completed the third year of the Mathematical Tripos with first-class honors. Incidentally this title shares its name with a denim brand.*

18. Which movie was released in Spain as Brilliantina and in Venezuela asVaselina and received a one word review from`Variety' which said "slick!"?

19. Rum Rebellion is the name usually given to events that took place in Sydney on Jan. 26, 1808, when the New South Wales Corps illegally arrested and deposed the Governor. Shortage of coins prevented farmers from selling their crops for money. Instead, they had to barter their grain for other commodities, including rum. Many of the military officers were rum traders, making enormous profits from dealing in liquor. To help the farmers, the Governor issued an order prohibiting this sort of trading in spirits which led to the rebellion. Who was the governor ?*

20. Identify the first name in the following particular list of people:-----X-----,Walter Chrysler, Owen Young, Mahatma Gandhi.

21.In England, cotton spinning was done by women and weaving by men. The women failed to catch up with the weaving process. So they had to work more to meet the demand and hence their way of life contributed -----Z-----to the English vocabulary.

22. The "-----X------ phenomenon" refers to the necessity that planetary conditions such as size or temperature be "just right" in order to sustain life. The term derives from the story of X, who preferred porridge which was "not too hot, and not too cold".

23. In 1946, he starred in "Holiday in Mexico" playing a "Cigarsmoking gun-totting" gentleman. Who ?

24. Which movie was based on a short story "Hand me downs" by WajidaTabassum ?

25. In carnatic music, it is referred to as the Nadabrahma.The productionof this sound by the human voice or any musical instrument is perceived to contain totality of all vibrations which can be caught by human ear.What ?

26. The Robin Hood of modern crime: he robs from the evil and heartless rich, andgives to the wronged and deserving poor -- in the process, keeping a percentage for his own expenses. Uses several disguises and aliases, the most famous one being Sebastian Tombs. Usually drives a Volvo P1800. Long time companion named Patricia Holm. Long time patsy, frequent foe and occasional friend named Claude Eustace Teal. Recognizable instantly through a trademark sign left at the scene of his crimes.

27. The term originated with a 1936 radio address by Emilio Mola, a nationalist general during the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War. As four of his army columns moved on Madrid, the general referred to his militant supporters within the capital as his "-----y----," intent on undermining the Republican government from within. The term is also used in reference to a population who are assumed to have loyalties to countries other than the one in which they reside, or who support some other nation in war efforts against the country they live in, which makes them traitors.

28. X was a royal courtesan (or nagarvadhu) of the republic state of Vaishali (around 500BC), ancient India. She finds mention in the old Pali texts and Buddhist traditions. Etymologically, her name is derived from two Sanskrit words, meaning mango and leaves – thus, the literally meaning of her name is “(a child) of the mango grove”. She was so named, as she was of unknown parentage, and was found at the foot of a mango tree, at one of the royal gardens of the republic state of Vaishali .*

29. This act earned him wide admiration when he pulled it off in a friendly game against England in September, 1995.The chap in the receiver’s end was Jamie Redknapp.Who is he ? or What was the act?

30. In 1985,he teamed up with former chiefministerr C.Achutha Menon,noted economist K N Raj & T R Chandradutt to set up the Centre Of Science & Technology For Rural Development-COSTFORD.Who am I talking about?**

31.The International court of Justice cleared this state/country of charges of genocide,early this year. Name the state/country

32.This director in question has also got the following credits: 1) planned The Long Walk To Freedom based on Mandela’s autobiography but no longer associated with the project due to disagreements with the producer over the script direction. 2) announced the project Buddha with great fanfare in 2004 for which a trekking was made to seek the blessings of Dalai Lama. It is on hold at the moment until ‘the Golden Age’ is completed. 3) Nicholas Cage will play a soldier turned mystic in the film The Sadhu to be produced by the virgin comics. Identify.

33.One of the highlights of the inauguration ceremony on Oct 12,1931 was supposed to be the activation of the lighting system by the Italian radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi from his yatch far away in Naples.Bad weather however affected the strength of the signal & the lights had to be switched on manually by workers at Corcovado.what is being described here?

34. Her father gave his consent soon after her death in an hospital where she was carried to from a road traffic accident in which her mother died on the spot. Her kidneys were given to Jonathan van Wyk. Due to the Apartheid era,the kidney donation was controversial because he was coloured, while she was white.Either name her or for what first is she known for?

35.The women’s wing of which organization is known as ‘SUTHANTHIRAP PARAVAIKAL’?

36-40 A-V Questions

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others ,whenever they go
-Oscar Wilde

Suggestions & queries to Mob:9895921915,9249872643


1. Respective value of votes in presidential election
2. Gresham's law
3. Kim Philby
4. Lazlo Papp, the Hungarian boxer.
5. Fleur-de-lis
6. Terminators
7. Tagore(nobel prize winners from 1910-1913)
8. Cameo
9. 19 th hole
10. Panchsheel
11. Maryland & Pennsylvania
12. Anthony Burgess
13. Ille Nastase
14. Loebner prize
15. Synedoche
16. Mary shelly
17. Wrangler
18. Grease
19. Captain Bligh of the "Mutiny on the Bounty" fame
20. Charles Lindberg (time man of the year)
21. Spinster
22. Goldilocks phenomenon
23. Fidel Castro.
24. Kamasutra
25. "Om"
26. The Saint aka Simon Templar
27. Fifth column
28. Amrapali
29. Rene Higuita's scorpion kick
30. Laurie Baker
31. Bosnia
32. Shekar Kapoor.
33. The Statue of Christ the Redeemer at Crocovado, Rio-de-Janeiro.
34. donor of the 1st transplanted heart, Denise Ann Darwal
35. LTTE

Inspire Quiz @ CUSAT

Prelims of the General College Quiz as part of Inspire-’07 at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering by Anil Raghavan of Greycells.

Winner: Manu Sudhakar (Govt. medical College Trivandrum)
Runner-up: Sarin P & Hrishi Varma
Third: Viswas Viswam & “X”

Prelims were topped by Sarin and Hrishi with 16 points.

1.What is the IT literacy programme of the Kerala government called?

2. The US flag was the temporary logo on January 15th, 2001. After a time it was replaced by the puzzle sphere. Whose logo?

3. What structure did a General named Mirbaqui build and name after his master?

4. In March 1941, who traveled to the Soviet border in a diplomatic car, took a train to Moscow, and then flew into Berlin on an Italian passport under the name Orlando Mazzotto?

5. The song “style” from the Rajnikanth movie “Sivaji” was filmed at the ________ museum.

6. Which medical revolution was pioneered by Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Dr. Robert Edward?

7. Written by Sajeev Edathadan a.k.a Vishalamanskan , this blog in Malayalam is so popular that Current Books has come out with a book version. Name the blog.

8. Which Hindi movie was planned based on the Dostoevsky short story “White Nights”?

9. What is common to Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello?

10. Connect: Baghpet, Tilpat, Sonalpet, Panipet and Inderpat.

11. This Persian poet’s 800th birth Anniversary is in 2007. Though born in Afghanistan, he lived most of his life in Anatolia, part of the Roman empire which gave him his name.

12. Which former Mozambique President recently won the African Leadership Award given by the MoIbrahim foundation?

13. Bob Denard- mercenary and coup master died on October 13th, 2007. He was involved in action from Congo to the Comoros. Frederick Forsyth’s best-seller ____________ was inspired by him.

14.If a person suffers from Anhedonia, what psychoanalytic problem has he got?

15. He was born in Portugal in 1986 and his real name is Louis Carlos Almeida Da Cunha. How do ManU fans know him?

16. He has stated that the long term goal of the Chinese government is to take over the internet. His book on ethical hacking made him the youngest ever author to be published by Macmillan India. Who?

17. As a chess player he tied with Max Euwe and had beaten Capabianca and Bot Vinnik, and was the most successful player of the All England Badminton Championship, and was twice Semi-finalist at Wimbledon. Who?

18. Connect the author of the Malayalm short story “Vaasthuhara” with the movies “Piravi” and “Uppu”.

19. Malayala Manorama wrongly credited him as a female. His famous work “Death of Mr. Love” is based on the Nanavati case. His recent work “Animals People” was a Booker Prize nominee. Who?

20. McDonald’s: Big Mac : : Starbucks: ?

21. Willie Garvin, her sidekick called her “Princess”. Employed by the British Secret Service, her favorite weapon was the Yawarastick. Name this comic character created by Peter O’Donnel.

22. Which element is associated with the Doomsday asteroid that is believed to have wiped out the Dinosaurs?

23. Dr. Manmohan Singh recently released the autobiography “Romancing With Life” on the 84th birthday of its author. Who?

24.Of which everyday device was the Papin invention “The Digestor” a fore-runner?

25. This famous computer architect always resisted the massively parallel solutions to high speed computing and famously quipped “If you were ploughing a field, which would you use, two strong oxen or 1024 chicken?” He dies in 1996 in a traffic accident while in a Jeep designed by his own invention. Who?
Answers: (there could be bugs :)..plz point them out if u find something!!)
1. Akshaya
2. Wikipedia
3. Babri Masjid
4. Subhash Chandra Bose
5. Guggenheim
6. Test-tube babies.
7. Kodakarapuranam
8. Saawaria
9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
10. The five villages asked by Pandavas as their share of the kingdom
11. Jalaluddin Rumi (Rumi refers to Rome)
12. Joaquim Chissano
13. Dogs of War
14. fear/hatred of pleasure
15. Nani
16. Ankit Fadia
17. George Alan Thomas of Thomas Cup fame.
18. C.V. Sreeraman
19. Indra Sinha
20. Tall Latte. The Big Mac index and the Tall Latte index are both used informally to check if exchange rates actually reflect the strength of a currency.
21. Modesty Blaise
22. Iridium
23. Devanand
24. Pressure Cooker
25. Seymour Cray of Cray Supercomputers.

Quiz @ GEC thrissur

Prelims of the General Quiz as part of Dwyuthi 2007 at GEC Thrissur conducted by Dr. Vijaynath V of Greycells on 30th November 2007. An astounding 59 college teams took part, a number unheard of in recent quizzes.

Answers will be put up soon. Please feel free to have a go at the questions and mail them to

Prelims topped by Dr. Sarin P of Govt. Medical College Calicut (12.5/30)


Winners: Arun A S and Sreejith (GEC Thrissur) with 130 points
Runner-Up: Hrishikesh Varma (Jyothi Engineering College Cheruthuruthy) with 105 points
Third: Viswam Viswam K C (St. Joseph's College, Devagiri) with 60 points

Finalists: Dr. Sarin P, Snehaj's team (University College, Calicut) and Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur.

1. When Guru Nanak was 12 years old his father gave him twenty rupees and asked him to start a business. Guru Nanak bought food with all the money and gave it to the saints and poor. He then told his father that he had done “true business”. What is believed to have been inspired from this incident?

2. Ronald and Reggie were brothers who organized crime in London during the 1950s and were later sentenced to life imprisonment. They were mentioned in the recently released Malayalam movie “NADIYA KOLLAPPETTA RATHRI”. By what name do we popularly know them?

3.What is the collective noun given to a group of cockroaches?


5. Which English classic is a collection of tales told by 29 pilgrims from Tabbard Inn
to the shrine of St. Thomas Beckett?

6. The only tie for the best actress Oscar was in 1968.Between which two actress was
it shared?

7.This chain of casual dining restaurants was started in 1971 by Isaac Tigrett and
Peter Morton. The first restaurant in this chain was opened near Hyde Park,
London. The motto of this restaurant chain is “Love All, Serve All” which is
adopted from the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba.Name the restaurant chain.

8. Which African country’s name translates into English as “The River of Shrimps”?

9.Which drug marketed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer is considered as the
largest selling drug in the world?

10.Which widely used terminology was coined by Mahatma Gandhi in Nadiad commenting on the implementation of Satyagraha in 1919?

11.Who was the famous victim of Rolando Galman?

12.What is Iophobia fear of?

13.What is “YGGDRASIL” in Norse mythology?

14.What is STASIOLOGY the study of?

15.Which Indian has recently taken charge as the President and Chief Operating Officer of ADOBE SYSTEMS INC.?

16.Which U.K based sportswear firm did NIKE recently acquire for 285 million pounds?

17.Which Japanese term is used to refer the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings?

18.Why is a photographer named Freddy Alborta remembered in history?

19.Which Kerala based Ayurvedic drug manufacturing company shares its name with the synonym of Indian gooseberry?

20.Which North American wind translates into English as “Snow eater”?

21.Which international cricketer nicknamed “VIRGIL” has written a book titled “CALLING THE SHOTS”?

22.Which famous proclamation did king George V make on July 17, 1917?

23.Which invention of Alexander Baine will you find in every full-fledged office?

24.This famous actor who played a lead role in more than 100 movies adopted a surname that meant “ROAD” in Spanish. He had a nickname that was the reverse spelling of “PARE” which meant buddy in the local slang. By what name do we know this person?

25.This Indian statesman born into the Parsee community was an architect by education. He married a Swiss national and has an architecture school and a FIDE chess tournament named in his honour.(Enough clues!!).Spot the person.

26.It is widely believed that Lord Vishnu killed a demon at this site using the pressure of his feet. So as a belief the feet of Lord Vishnu is worshipped in this temple. Where in India will you find this temple?

27.Which German filmmaker was commissioned by the Nazis to cover the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

28.Which collection of short stories written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair shares its name with an African city?

29.Which national park houses the largest collection of swamp deer in India?

30.”The best is yet to come” On whose epitaph will you find these lines?


1. Dera Sacha Sauda

2. Kray twins

3. An "Intrusion" of cockroaches

4. Changi

5. Canterbury tales

6. Barbara Streisand and Catherine Hepburn

7. Hard Rock

8. Cameroon from the Portugese "Rio dos Camaroes"

9. Lipitor

11. Benigno Aquino Jr (Philippines)

12. Doctors

13. A tree

14. study of political parties

15. Shantanu Narayen


17. Hibakushas

18. Che Guevara's photographer

19. Amla (?)

20. Chinook

21. Michael vaughan

22. Male descendants of the Royal family will bear the surname Windsor

23. Electric clock

24. Joseph Estrada

25. Piloo Mody


27. Lene Reifenstahl

28. Dar-es-salaam

29. Ranthambore

30. Frank Sinatra

some qs from itc sitel open quiz

some qns
1. deepak mohonis(ex iit n iim) relevance to the indian economic scene
2.brand started in 1937,comes in various flavors,name shld be written in all caps.the name of the brand has another usage now,the founder was against this usage but doesnt mind as long as this is not spelt in the original all caps style
3.woman,born in 1939 based in london n blore,got into guiness book in 85 n of some murder mystery for children n "unleash the genius in ur kid"
4.1937,article published,abt Nehru and his policies/decisions etc.....mentions autocracy,Caeser like behaviour,doesnt care for the weak etc....published under pseudonym chanakya.who wrote it?
5.some place in ecuador,famous for manufacturing a unique product....was key for some economic revolution in ecuador,but now cheap chinese replicas r bein made n that town is strugglin.what is the product?
6.acc to scholars,first multinational economic organization,started the use of "cheques"....some other stuff,the myth of friday the 13th is most associated with them
7.last month in shaz n waz show on espn,richie benaud n ian chappel were discussin abt a certain Percy,who was a singer at some bar i think.they agreed that she had indeed contributed to the cricket world in some way.whats her contribution to the cricket world?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


The prelims consist of 25 qs......i don't hav the entire set as i was late for the quiz. reached there after attending the MEC School quiz (the prelims are in the previous post).......the prelims had already begun.


1. 1st hollywood film to be dubbed into hindi??
2. youngest musician to win padmasree?
3. frmae of statue of liberty....architect???
4. most potrayed movie character, ever??
5. prime minister....from primus inter paras....what does that mean???
6. greek myth.killed father n married mother. who??
7. what on top of raisina hill?
8. who inaugurated the gramophone factory in kolkata in 1923 (or some year close to it)?
9. etymology. means tucking in clothes in norse and blah blah??
10. black pimpernal....who??
11. batsman given out handling de ball n obstructing the field.
12. tejomahalaya..hindu version of what??
13. god ofunder world?
14. visual - painted stork
15. visual- flag of cambodia
16. visual - charles de gualle
17. audio - billy joel's uptown girl
18. audio- rolling stones
19. audio - waqt
20. perpendicular expression 4 horizontal desire...what acording to shaw??

forgot the rest........sorry for that.

Monday, February 04, 2008

MEC School quiz prelims

A quiz conducted by aniruddh aka ginerjoos. i won the quiz partnering jobin tom of jyothi nivas, alwaye.

1. The term ____________ _____________ was coined by Ralph Vaerst, a Northern California entrepreneur. His journalist friend, Don Hoefler, first published the term in 1971. He used it as the title of a series of articles "_______________ _____________ USA" in a weekly trade newspaper Electronic News which started with the January 11, 1971 issue. It was called the Valley of Heart's Delight.
Silicon valley

2. Which newspaper’s motto is “All the news that’s fit to print”?
NewYork Times

3. In which religion are the priests called Dasthoor?

4. Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” tells the story of which war?
Crimean War

5. Which was the company that was responsible for the controversial bullet with animal fat cartridge that was the main reason for the outbreak of the 1857 revolution for Independence.

6. “The bronze doors”, “The Arch of Bells” and the “via de porta angelica” are the 3 entries to a country. Which country?
The Vatican

7. Which painter won the Golden Bear award in Berlin film festival in 1967 for the documentary “Through the eyes of a painter”?
M F Hussain

8. Which President of India was a chief minister of a sate and also one time Lok Sabha speaker?
Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy

9. “Little Red Book” is a collection of speeches of which famous leader?
Mao Tze Tsung

10. Which war related term was coined due to massive aerial bombing during Spanish Civil War?
Weapons of mass destruction

11. Whose epitaph reads “He lies somewhere around here”?

12.Who was the first commoner to appear on british stamp?
William Shakespeare

13.Whose autobiography is “banker of poor”?
Mohd Younus

14.Which Indian company’s slogan is”beyond the obvious” ?

15. What is common to numbers…6…..28…..496…?
Perfect numbers

16.Who is the current premier hockey league champion?
Bangalore hi-fliers

17. In medical field, P K Sethi and Ram Chandra Sharma invented what?
Jaipur Foot

18. What is common to Erbium, Terbium, Ytterbium and Yttrium.
They are all named after Ytterby, Sweden.

19. This place is Asia’s largest wholesale market. Built by a king for his favorite daughter in 1650 AD so that she could shop all she wanted to, this market place derives its name from the canals filled with water that sparkled like silver in the moonlight. What place in contemporary Asia is this?

CHANDNI CHOWK - built by Shah Jahan for Jahan Ara.

20. “Steward and Bailiff of Her Majesty's Three Chiltern Hundreds of Stoke, Desborough and Burnham in the county of Buckingham” ,“Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead, Scarborough, North Yorkshire “. Connect
Members of Parliament in the House of Commons in UK are not allowed to resign. Appointment to an “office of profit under the Crown” disqualifies an MP. Hence when an MP wants to resign, he applies to the King/Queen for one of these posts.

21. Who is the only lady in the league in the film adaptation of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”?
Mina Harker

22. How do we better know Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington?
Nearly Headless Nick

23. His real name is Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha. How do Manchester United fans knows this Portuguese football star?
ANS: Nani

24. The brainchild of Subhash Chandra of Essel Group. Classic story of David taking on Goliath. Inspiration from this is about to result in such a venture by the PayAutomata Group in the United States. What?

25. Which Indian actor's autobiography was titled "Romancing with Life"?
ANS: Dev Anand

Answers to A quiz after a long time

1. "One World, One Dream" is the slogan of which upcoming event?

2008 beijing olympics

2. A rectangular country whose capital is Emerald City. You can go there boarding a tornado and can get out by clicking your red shoes one against the other. Identify this imaginary nation.


3.He was born in Baton Rouge to recently arrived Punjabi Indian immigrants Amar and Raj , who were attending graduate school. His family is of Punjabi ancestry; his father left India and his ancestral family village of Khanpura in the 1970s. According to family lore, he adopted the name X after watching The Brady Bunch television program at age four. He has been known by that name ever since—as a civil servant, politician, student, and writer—though legally his name remains Piyush ……… .
Who is he? Identify X.

Bobby Jindal

4. In the early part of the seventeenth century, in a middle class home in France, a young twelve year old boy, was busy working with mathematical diagrams, trying desperately to prove that the sum of the angles of a triangle was two right angles. As the young boy had not yet been introduced to geometry, he had created his own names for straight lines and circles, calling them "bars" and "rounds". Who was this young boy, destined to change the world of physics with his experiments on fluids?


5. X was nicknamed "The Austrian Oak" and "The Styrian Oak" during his body-building career. The name Y comes from the 1992 book Et Tu, Babe by Mark Leyner. In one scene, on pages 50–51, a character asks the shop assistant at a video store to have X digitally substituted for existing actors into various works, including (amongst others) Rain Man (to replace both Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman), My Fair Lady (to replace Rex Harrison), Amadeus (to replace F. Murray Abraham), The Diary of Anne Frank (as Anne Frank), Gandhi (to replace Ben Kingsley), and It's a Wonderful Life (to replace James Stewart). Y is the name that Leyner gives to this process. Only 10 years later, Y was close to being reality

X- Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
Y – Schwarzeneggerization

6. What connects Sharon Stone, Martin Cooper, Buckminster Fuller and Scott Adams?

All members of Mensa.

7. Which company was founded in 1882 by three reporters: Charles ……….., Edward ……………., and Charles Bergstresser?

A: Dow Jones

8. Who served as the acting Secretary-General of the UNO until Trygve Lie was elected in 1946?

A: Gladwyn Jebb

9. What is common to American fighting man, Hungarian freedom fighter, US
scientists, Twenty-five and under, The middle Americans, The computer, The peace
makers, Endangered earth, American women and YOU?

A: All are non-personality Times Man of Year.

10. This current Head of State suffered a retinal detachment after being kicked in the head during an end-of-term rugby union match at his old school. He was left blind in his left eye, despite treatment including several operations and lying in a darkened room for weeks at a time. He has since been fitted with an artificial eye.
Who ?

Gordon Brown

1. snehaj – 5 (thanxxx a lot chetta 4 da comments)
2. suraj menon – 3 (good attempts. Btw, u guessed it as terminator, so no points for that)
3. prahlad srihari – 7 (grt answers dude, but why don’t u give ur opinions abt the questions………..atleast say that it sucked!!!)
4. nishanth jayarajan – 7 (nice to hear that I brought someone out of hibernation)
5. Aditya Modi- 3 (nice remarks).
6. Anand Shankar – 6 (yup, Arnold is called Aryanaad Shivashankaran in kerala. J)
7. Rajiv D'Silva – 7 (thanxxx buddy for the remarks)
8. Deepak Gopinath – 5 (nice attempts. Sorry for the q5. many ppl also had the same problem. It was coz I was too lazy to rephrase it from Wikipedia)
9. Nikhil Narayanan – 2 (are u from Kerala???)
10. anubhav chatterjee – 3 (why don’t u guess more?? I’ll give .25 for grt guesses)
11. Murali Duggineni – 5 (happy to see that grt quizzers like u liked my quiz)
12. K Manjith – 6 (u r one of my heroes, though u don’t wear red underwears. J anyways, thanxxxx a lot for ur kind message. Btw, I didn’t recycle questions from quiznet. Its all from wiki. The problem is that all question setters set questions from wikipedia and hence the same trivia appear many times)
13. Arun A – 4
14. Santanu Dey-6
15. Guru Rajan – 6 (am really sorry for the mistake. Thanx for bringing it to notice. Sharon Stone is not a member of Mensa)
16. srinwantu dey – A PERFECT SCORE!!!!!!!!
17. Mr vikram venkateswaran - 5
18. ajay joy – 5 (nice to hear from you after a long time…….so hows life @ bengalooru?)
19. Anand Babu – 3 (good guesses)
20. hari s nair – (no answers but very nice tips n advices….thanx a loooot)